It’s cold outside… Come & toast your toes at KPH…

Josh Flowers & The Wild – Presents “Wild Nights”

Luke Concannon – plus Special Guests


Luke Concannon was born to an Anglo-Irish home, full of folk and soul music. In his teens he got in to hip-hop, and today, his songs tell stories about social justice, spirituality, and intimacy.

Mega star Ed Sheeran, called Luke’s song ‘I want to be free’ ; “one of my favorite songs of the year.”

In 2009, Luke hitchhiked from England to Palestine: A bear found him in the woods one night in Transylvania, he was taken in by a Turkish family (who’s hospitality inspired his first solo single ‘Around the World’) later, eventually arriving in Palestine, to volunteer as a peace worker.

This trip was the inspiration for his first solo album ‘Give It All’, a radical, passionate, full on folk record.

 “A beautiful album, full of joy, sadness and honesty, it swept me away” The Vault

Luke is also one half of the Folk-Hip-Hop duo ‘Nizlopi’, a popular act on the UK scene. Who have released four albums from their own label (Selling over a million copies) and toured the UK, Ireland and Europe Extensively.

Luke is splitting his time between London, and Boston and is beginning to share his music, and work in America.

Thursday 9th April at 7pm

Tickets £8 in advance | £10 on the Door

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Dirty Harrys

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From London, they are a well organised four piece, with enough punk to get you interested and keep you with melodic guitar riffs, great bass and an energetic drummer…

There’s something of the punk side of indie about them with careless vocals and Jam like backing… they’re likeable and there is enough attitude there as well…

They represent the values that The Tapestry themselves bring to a gig, which is to get up there and enjoy yourself.”


Tickets £5 on the Door

The Skylarks


skylarks poster at KPH 13 march 15

The SKYLARKS is Entertainment with the emphasis on great musicianship.

The style starts with the era when Rock and Roll was emerging from Dance-band Swing – small groups replacing large orchestras – and we go on to celebrate the birth of the Modern era, the fusion of jazz, pop, country and blues – a melting pot of technology, fashion, art and style – from Andy Warhol to Bo Diddley – to the swinging sixties and beyond…..





support: Jordan Jackson Trio

Doors – 7.30pm

Tickets – £8

Theatre Bar available to hire

Our Theatre Bar is available to hire. Please drop us a line and let us know your plans.